Our Services

Real Estate Closings

– A closing is the final step in transferring a piece of real estate property from seller to buyer.


–  We can assist you with this process from start to finish. We act as the network between the buyer and seller, the realtor, and the mortgage lender. We handle all of the aspects of the real estate closing with experienced employees, including our own in-house title abstractor, and the legal guidance needed throughout the transaction.

– We can work with realtors or assist you in a For Sale by Owner transaction. In addition to new purchases, we also handle refinancing.

Title Insurance Provider

– Title insurance protects the purchaser against any financial loss from defective titles, liens and other encumbrances.

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Title Abstracting Services

– In addition to our closing services, we also provide the following:

* 60-year Searches

* Current Owner/ Bringdown Searches

* Judgment Searches

We can fulfill other specific searches upon request. We are also able to retrieve copies from, and record documents in the Register & Recorder’s Office at the Clearfield County Courthouse.