Why Us?

Why Use a Closing Company?

Traditionally, real estate transactions were completed by an attorney. More and more, though, the use of a closing company (also known as a settlement company or title company) has become more common. There are many reasons for this, including:

  • Better Protection
    • Title insurance became a means to cover losses that an attorney’s certificate would not cover. Unlike an attorney’s certificate, title insurance will cover matters that were not properly indexed or would not appear of record. Title insurance also has a longer duration of liability, and insures the right of access and marketability.
  • Faster Service
    • Because attorneys are typically involved in many legal matters at once, they are not able to provide their service as quickly as parties involved would like. This is all we do (!) -meaning we are going to close the deal faster.
  • Save You Money
    • We don’t charge an attorney fee, so the cost for our service will most likely be lower!